Some are available originals and some have sold and  may be available as giclee copies on canvas or as paper prints. All subjects are taken from the Big Island of Hawaii and are oils.

You may contact me if you would like more information or a larger image per email.

                Norma Watt,

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Volcano flow

Waiki Ranch Mauna Kea

Old Building Hawi Main Street

Comfy Moss Chair

'Wild'  Rooster family

Polo Ponies below snowy Mauna Kea

Sunset in Hawaii

Survival on Mauna Loa old lava flow

Endangered Nene goose

Waimea Ranch

Evening in Hawaii

Wild Turkey Flight below Hualalai


Relaxing at Anaehoomalu

Kona Farmer's Market

Forest Lehua blossoms on Ohia Tree

Old Managers House Humuula Sheep Station

Double Obake Anthurium

King of the Walk

Dinner at Anaehoomalu



Stop and Smell the Anthuriums

Dapper Dan the Rooster

Chukkar at Pulau, Mauna Kea


Giclee print

Giclee print

Giclee print

Giclee print