Always Anthuriums


Quoted price includes flowers, greenery and 2 day FedEx shipping.  Mon, Tues, & Wed are normal shipping days for arrival Wed, Thurs, & Fri.

An overnight or Saturday service (to West Coast only) is $10/box and there are added charges to Canada $30 and Alaska $10
There is a $3 charge for addresses that FedEx considers rural.

Also if we have been given an incorrect address there is a $10 charge.


We do not use a 'shopping cart' to place orders.

VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted

Contact us @ 1-800-838-6468

or email: 

and ALWAYS expect confirmation that the order is received. The email server is not secure so you may prefer to give your CC # over the phone.

Our Guarantee:

All of our orders are filled with freshly cut flowers which are wrapped individually and placed in a box with dry shredded paper. Greenery (2 types) is included along with our information, instructions for care and your personal message A quality assurance statement provides our 800# to allow recipients to notify us within 7 days of any problems, and damaged flowers will be replaced. 

Our business Address is P O Box 29, Mountain View, HI 96771

During the winter months we have a $2 signature requirement so that boxes will not be left unattended at the door. The Guarantee is void if that option is not used.

Arrangements and Customer pictures

Sometimes less is more and several arrangements can be made from one order.

Stems can be trimmed and greenery can be curled and pinned

Mahalo ... thank you ... we look forward to working with you.